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This was work we used to define, brand and launch Alpha Showdown- an extreme physical competition combining strength, endurance and cardio.

The initial two posters were published in Archive Magazine and awarded in Minneapolis Adfed Show.

Videos were used to energize participants and promote registration for the regional and national competitions.


Your “A” game is my recovery. I don’t get stuck at start. I break out of weakness and move beyond the burn. Building confidence with every step I take. Transforming myself and leaving competitors in the dust. Expending every bit of energy. Tapping out every fuel resource. Igniting every pain receptor until my body threatens to turn on me. To break down. I don’t finish until the challenge is over. Until the battle is won. But I’m done before you even get started. Your “A” game is my recovery.


Every mortal has a limit. A boundary. A threshold. We push up against it. Constantly testing it. Expanding it. Redefining it. Shaping it. We give name to it. Competition. Tournament. Challenge. Bout. Race. Clash. We measure it. Compare it. Track it. And compile it. We push ourselves beyond reason. We train. Develop techniques. Overcome obstacles. Exceed expectations. Inspire. Influence. Motivate. And go further than we ever thought possible. But there are boundaries. Barriers. And thresholds. Every mortal has a limit.


Only the strong survive. Not the weak or the hesitant. Not the untrained. Undisciplined. Unmotivated. Or those championing excuses. You don’t stumble into this. Take it on faith. Jump on board. Or rest on laurels. It requires mental stamina. Focus. Agility. Concentration. A comprehensive approach. Full body commitment. Power. Speed. Endurance. And brute strength. Only the strong survive. But there’s no guarantee.

After launching Alpha Showdown and selling out events, we were tasked with turning an event into a larger brand. A brand book was created to sell the concept internally, as well as to outside sponsors and investors.

The new Alpha brand houses two initiatives, Alpha Showdown and Alpha Training, as well as apparel, stand alone facilities and a larger social community.

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