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What I


Brand Consulting

Enlist me to help with a brand or product launch, or hire me to collaborate with you or your team on new initiatives. I bring 15 years experience working with small brands, startups, and Fortune 500 companies and would love to help.


Creative Direction

I love coming up with ideas and watching them grow into something that truly benefits a brand. I love it even more when I'm supporting other creatives and guiding them to make some of the best work of their career.


Creativity Coach

I work one on one with creative people to help you move beyond obstacles to do your best work, whether you're an artist, author, filmmaker, creative professional, dormant creative, or solopreneur.


Content Strategy

If your content is just about content, you're doing it wrong. If it doesn't align with your brand, it's just entertainment. Or worse, it's a distraction. Let's find ways to engage with your customers and provide them with something they can truly engage with.



Words matter. Always have. I cut my teeth as a copywriter and continue to sharpen my toolset. I have experience writing for pretty much everything under the sun. Although I've never written for a horse breeder.


Prompt Engineering

AI is a transformative technology for businesses who know how to use it effectively. I'm able to guide AI models to get the desired results for companies, and probably more importantly, the people who work at them.

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