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What I'm 


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I have 15+ years of experience working as an advertising and marketing creative. In that time, I’ve worn many hats.

My career began as a copywriter, and I worked at and with several advertising agencies, including Leo Burnett and Fallon. Later I became a creative director, a content director, and even worked as a brand director for IBM at one point.

Regardless of the job title I carry or the project I’m undertaking, I’m an ideas guy first.


My work is always driven by a rock-solid strategic approach that takes a holistic look at the brand, audience, and existing communications before determining the right action to take.

I have a variety of creative pursuits outside of advertising and marketing. Most revolve around writing, whether it’s songs, short stories, or the ever-illusive novel. I’m also a huge music fan and run an active YouTube channel where I talk all about it.

I currently live just outside of Seattle, WA, and work wherever the projects take me, which is usually done with the help of large satellite systems.

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