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Dreamforce is an annual conference put on by Salesforce in San Francisco.


2018’s was the biggest one yet, drawing over 170,000 people over the course of the four-day event. 


Bluewolf and IBM were the Diamond Sponsor and had a major presence.

As the Brand and Creative Director for Bluewolf, I led all creative.


We launched the Let’s Be Clear campaign to try to break through the tech-speak and endless jargon so common in the industry by making a simple promise- we would be clear about what we do, and more importantly, what we could do for our customers.


We rebranded the State Of Salesforce campaign. As the key lead generator tool for Bluewolf during Dreamforce, the report had grown into the type of annual report that nobody really read unless they were looking for a cure for insomnia. The jargon was too thick and messaging too convoluted. We simplified the visuals and language and stripped it way back, making it a far more compelling piece.


As the premier diamond sponsor of the event, IBM and Bluewolf had an impressive space to work with. As two separate brands, yet part of the same company, we had to make sure that we stayed true to the individual brands while highlighting the combined strengths we had in being part of the same company.

Creative includes:

IBM/Bluewolf Diamond Sponsor Booth

Outdoor Bluewolf Coffee Cafe

Wall Dividers in Common Space

Movie Theater Posters for Events and Speakers

Outdoor Projections

On-Site Screen Printed T-Shirts

State of Salesforce Book

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