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I was the Brand Director for the Salesforce division of IBM. In that role, I oversaw all brand communications, brand standards, ads, social media, brand publications, and global brand activations. I also led the work for our record-breaking diamond sponsorship of Dreamforce.





I contracted with Gallo for copywriting support on some of their biggest and most respected wine brands including Louis Martini, J Vineyards, Prophecy Wines, William Hill Vineyards, Locations, and non-wine brands including High Noon and Amsterdam Vodka. Work included brand identity, in-store displays, websites, social, and print ads. Also helped re-launch their wine education resource.

Worked with Pax8, a Microsoft partner, to develop brand materials and a campaign for Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft NCE. Deliverables included a website, social media posts, banners, and an email campaign.



Leo Burnett


Wrote for Amazon Adveristing, their women-led healthy lifestyle division. Projects included Coco Libre, NatureMade, and a self-promotion campaign, The Mistaken Identity Project, that we launched to make it clear that we were not in any way associated with

Target wanted to develop an owned-brand for their retail stores that would feature healthy food items, including deli items, as well as frozen and packaged items. I was brought on board to help develop the name for this brand. It was a very detailed process, but we finally landed on Good & Gather.





Developed the Alpha brand for Lifetime Fitness. This was their answer to Crossfit. We began with event posters for something we called Alpha Showdown. That went so well, we ended up developing a parent brand, Alpha, that included classes, training, and apparel. I also created brand materials for a relaunch of Lifetime's yoga program and developed member promotional pieces.





I was Content Director for Fluz, a startup financial payments app. I led a team and oversaw all content and creative for the company. Also collaborated with an outside agency for brand and website redesign.

This was a marketing experiment. I wanted to help a homeless man, Ed, who I saw outside the agency where I worked get more donations. The question was whether positioning him as a business would change increase his profits.





Worked with Salesforce on a brand refresh for their partner program and marketplace for service and app providers. Deliverables included a website and brochures. 



Nobu Hotel


Created ads and promotional materials for Nobu Hotel in Miami that combined a legendary hotel with Nobu Restaurants.





II keep this one in the mix because it still makes me laugh. My only regret is that I didn't get a shot of it in the actual arena.

Launched a brand campaign for a luxury apartment building called Ten Thousand. Developed a brand teaser video and integrated website that changed depending on the time of day.

I named several menu items for Buffalo Wild Wings, including chicken sandwiches, burgers, and wing sauces and dry rubs.

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